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Community Track Pumps.

Got to say we love these at Doctor Sprockets Workshop. In fact we wouldn’t mind one ourselves as the pump is a proper heavy duty piece of kit. We saw this great track pump out at Parkgate on The Wirral. Close to the Famous Nicholls Ice Cream Shop !! Num Num ! Highly recommended for the best Ice Cream on the planet !!

Anyway hats off to Neston and Ellesmere Port council who appear to have placed said items on the sea front along with some very sturdy bike stands so you have somewhere to lock your pride and joy up whilst getting some frozen sustenance :-)

If you see any great cycling ideas let us know on one of the social media channels we use below and we will add them to the page for everyone to see ...

About the author.

'The Doc’ is a keen triathlete and lifetime cyclist who runs Doctor Sprockets Workshop servicing and repairing Race, Tri and Road bikes in Wallasey, Wirral. He is a fully qualified cycle technician and also certified as an Iron distance coach.
The Doc offers professional bike fitting services for Triathlon and Road cyclists. If you are looking for a bike mechanic for any of your family bikes on the Wirral look him up on social media or contact him here.