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To the future….

Over the past few years I have been busy… I have completed numerous Ironman events including the legendary IM Wales which was brutal! I have also since qualified as a certified Ironman coach and also I am now fully trained as a cycle technician.

So why the blog?

Cycling and Triathlon are massively popular, In fact I believe that Triathlon is the U`k’s fastest growing sport. So many of my friends, family and customers at Doctor Sprocket’s Workshop have a million and one questions for me when they start out that I thought a blog would be a great idea for people in the same position. If you are reading this then you probably fall into that category? I hope I can help you with some information and knowledge that I have gained over the years? If I can answer them all I will although I do not by any means profess to be and expert!

I just genuinely hope you enjoy reading! If you have a question please ask it will help my blog grow and prosper into a great resource.

Warmest regards,
Greg ‘The Doc'

They call me ‘The Doc"

As much as I admire Doctors and the tireless work they do I definitely prefer mending things with spanners rather than medical instruments!

So why ‘The Doc’? Well this has come out of setting up my own cycle repair and servicing workshop in Wallasey, on The Wirral, in preperation for my retirement in a few years time from my other gainful employment. I have called it Doctor Sprockets Workshop :-) Pun intended and hence now I get called ‘The Doc’!

I have had a passion for cycling since a very early age and always been a keen cyclist. Hand in hand with that goes repairing and servicing and back in the day it was generally accepted you rolled up your sleeves and had a go yourself!

As a lad I would often ‘tinker’ with my bikes and learnt the hard way! Often with a jar of bits left over … That said I always managed in the end and found a passion for the mechanicals !

My fire was really ignited when I discovered Triathlon. This was a culmination of cycling and marathon running and a great wife who shares my passion for the same which makes life so much easier!

Out of the frying pan….

And so there we were at our first Triathlon with little clue! A sprint distance at Wilmslow expertly organised by Xtra Mile events. Into the fire you ask? Well not the types to do anything by halves :-) it went a little something like this…. A weak moment over a bottle of Doctor Merlot’s finest >>>> an IPad connected to the internet >>> and Bob’s your uncle there we both were having booked ourselves into Ironman UK! The rest as they say is history!

About the author.

'The Doc’ is a keen triathlete and lifetime cyclist who runs Doctor Sprockets Workshop servicing and repairing Race, Tri and Road bikes in Wallasey, Wirral. He is a fully qualified cycle technician and also certified as an Iron distance coach.
The Doc offers professional bike fitting services for Triathlon and Road cyclists. If you are looking for a bike mechanic for any of your family bikes on the Wirral look him up on social media or contact him here.