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Professional bike fitting Wirral , Liverpool, Cheshire areas. 

Professional bike fitting in Wirral, Liverpool, and Cheshire.

If you would like to arrange a professional bike fitting in Wirral, Liverpool or Cheshire area’s Doctor Sprockets Workshop is based in Wallasey on The Wirral. Easy links to the M53 and Merseyrail train services.

I can help you with a professional bike fit for your current bike or a new bike. I also offer an out of the box bike build and fit package if you have bought a mail order bike. 

What are the benefits of a  bike fitting?

Cycling and triathlon are the fastest growing sports in the UK. More and more athletes and cyclists are turning to good bike fitters to boost their performance, avoid any injuries and enhance their cycling comfort and overall experience.

Ironman ® certified coach bike fitting Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire.

Bike fitting by a Certified Ironman Coach and qualified technician
…. £ 125.oo

** Cycle & Tri Club members discounts available please ask **

City and guilds qualified cycle technician

As a certified Ironman® Coach ...Greg  ‘The Doc’ has first hand experience of successful distance and endurance racing where comfort, efficiency, and energy conservation are key elements to success. He can advise you on a sensible bike fit for your discpline based on your riding style, physical abilities, and riding goals.

Triathlete bike professional fit riding on The Wirral.

Riding is so much more enjoyable now I have been for a professional bike fit at Doctor Sprocket’s Cycle Workshop - Mark

Should I get a professional bike fitting?

I often find that many cyclist will spend hundreds ( if not thousands!) of pounds on a new all singing all dancing bike and try to set it up themselves. Some are successful others less so? Many seem to work by looking at the Pro’s and trying to emulate their position.. But this does not take into account that Pro’s are flexible, super fit and ride a gazillion miles a week for a job!

This is highly different from Bob who sits at his desk all week and rides out at the weekend or the odd evening in the week! Hence, Bob needs a highly different position on his bike! There are so many pitfalls trying to set yourself up ( believe me I tried them all myself years ago!) that it is rare that you will get it right. It is not impossible but a set of eyes from a good bike fitter and a bit of old school ( and new school) technology will pay massive dividends once your body adapts to a well fitted position.

Bike fits adapt over time as your body changes and gets more flexible and your body gets fitter. Your bike fit also very much depends on your riding style and your cycling goals. If you are getting pain when you are riding then 99% of the time your bike fit isn’t correct.

Injuries and discomfort can be helped enormously with a good bike fit. That said we also use the services of an excellent Sports & Remedial Therapist John McGorry who can help with injuries and strength / flexibility exercises if we cannot assist you alone. Our ethos is that we want you to be comfortable on your bike and enjoy your cycling whatever event or ride you do. A more aero and aggressive position comes over time as your body adjusts to each change in position. Slowly and surely ! is the way forward for many years of enjoyable riding

To compliment our bespoke bike fitting at Doctor Sprocket’s we use Velogic 3D Motion Capture Technology.

Does a bike fit improve my performance?

A good bike fit assumes you have the correct frame size bike which is key. We can adjust many things but frames are costly for you to replace if you got that bit wrong!

I always recommend getting correctly sized for your choice of bike as frame geometry can be different depending on the manufacturer.

There are many common positioning mistakes that are made and when changed can make huge differences to you riding style and comfort. Saddle height, incorrect crank length, reach, drop, cleat position to name but a few common mistakes I see made on a regular basis.

A bike fit will last a couple of hours and will look at your basic measurements, flexibility and riding style and goals. Also any discomfort or injuries you have as a result of your cycling. An existing set of measurements of your bike is taken and then we will use 3D motion capture HD video technology to look at your riding style after a bit of a warm up on the turbo trainer.

As an old school mechanic and bike fitter I will use some less technical stuff too! You can’t beat a spirit level, plumb bob, and a goniometer ;-)

Adjustments can then be made cleats, saddle height, reach, drop, handle bar angle etc. This sometimes may require additional parts fitted which are not included in the price.

When complete we will produce and email you a report which shows your measurements and angles which helps as a general starting point for any future bike fits or when you get a new bike.

You can spend a few hundred quid on lighter parts for your bike to go faster or a hundred quid fine tuning your position which can give you more comfort, better economy of movement, and ultimately more power through the pedals for equal or less energy? I know which one I would opt for!

Give ‘The Doc’ a call for a chat and get yourself booked in for a fit.
Call on 07429 199588 or use the bike fit contact form..

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5 ***** Star reviews.
See what my customers say..

Had bike fit today with Doctor Sprocket (Greg), very knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect, very impressive setup. All issues identified and adjustments made accordingly. My wife also had a bike fit last week, again all issues identified and sorted with ease, would definitely recommend, 10/10  

Derek - Wirral

Had a bike fit yesterday with the Dr. I had lost confidence in my bike and genuinely was at the point of packing cycling in. I can honestly say that after this fit I felt an immediate difference and confidence in both my position and power output. I am looking forward to my next ride and will update this review. I am a 50 something slightly overweight plodder ready to burn up the road.

John - Liverpool

Went for a bike fitting with Greg last night. Great service and very knowledgable! Noticed issues with my positioning straight away and was very forthcoming with advice on anything triathlon related - will definitely be back!

Richard - Wirral

Had a bike fit Friday well worth the time and money. Would recommend anyone who has a new bike or slight niggles to have a bike fit session.

Rob - Liverpool

Great bike fit and top bloke. Recommend!

David - Wirral

Greg .. Only wish I had done this sooner! OMG the difference is amazing. I have been riding with my club for 15 years and now I have got a new lease of life. Zipping along! I will be telling everyone I overtake about you!!  
Best £100 you can ever spend on your bike forget the carbon bits I am 2 miles an hour faster for no more effort … soooo happy! 

Jane - Wirral

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